Choosing your Wedding Transportation



Knowing how to organize transportation for your wedding is key to how the event plays out. A lot of couples are intimidated by the process! After all, how do you know what will work best for your own unique wedding situation? Here are four of the most common vehicles used for Myrtle Beach wedding transportation and a bit of information about their specific benefits. After reading this guide you should be a lot closer to knowing exactly which route to take with your wedding transportation in Myrtle Beach! 


Limousines have always been the go-to for wedding transportation. It has only been within the past five or ten years that they've shared center stage with party buses. Limos in Myrtle Beach are perfectly elegant and fit in with the wedding vision of those who want to keep things looking as classy as possible. Limousines have come a long way since the 70's and 80's, as there are a lot of different styles of limo to choose from in this day and age. Here's detailed information on how to rent a limo in Myrtle Beach.

Party Buses

Party buses have really risen in popularity, becoming the most commonly reserved vehicle for couples and their wedding party. It makes complete sense, as party buses allow you to stand and move around, and often have more features than other vehicles. This is the best choice for you if you're looking for the most convenient way to get your wedding party around to the different wedding day destinations.


Are you going to have many out of town guests at your wedding? Perhaps your ceremony or reception is in a spot that is hard to get to. Either one of these situations calls for a shuttle service for your guests! It really is the most courteous thing to do when people have put aside many resources to attend your wedding, particularly if it required travel on their part. You will have the added peace of knowing your guests got home safely. 

Exotic Cars

Exotic cars can be hard to find and reserve because they are often booked well in advance, but they give a certain look that no other vehicle does. They are perfect for extravagant exit photographs! They are usually only big enough to fit two or three people at maximum, but they offer a unique transportation experience for your wedding.